Reply from BSAC to BALTFISH about exemption of plaice from landing obligation

Sent date:21/6/19 | Reply date:25/6/19

Letter from BALTFISH to the BSAC
Letter from the BSAC chair and vice chair to BALTFISH about draft Joint Recommendation from BALTFISH to exempt plaice from the landing obligation *
Correspondence from BSAC ExCom chair to BALTFISH and BSAC ExCom
The replies from individual ExCom members are available from the BSAC Secretariat 
*Explanatory footnote to the BSAC reply letter to BALTFISH:
The statement in the letter about the opinion of the fisheries representatives who supported the BALTFISH proposal was based on one written input, plus verbal input. The verbal input was later confirmed by two fisheries representatives, after dialogue with the BSAC secretariat.