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BSAC on SeaWise
BSAC on the WWF webinar
BSAC on the MSC update meeting 
BSAC on the Inter ACs meeting 290422

Presentations made by Commission:

EFCA annual report 2021
BSAC report from the Inter-ACs COM meeting with Secretariats 12.05.2022
Fact sheet CiBBRINNA 
BSAC report from the PECH Hearing on cormorants 11.5.22
BSAC report of STECF meeting on LO 03.06.22
BSAC report of MIAC 22.06.22
BSAC report of MIACO 22-23.06.22
BSAC report on Commission Science Seminar 24.06.22
BSAC report on the “Regional solutions for mitigating the seal-fishery conflict in the Baltic Sea – Interdisciplinary synthesis” (RESOCO) project. 23-24.08.22
BSAC report on ICES WKSTARGATE 23-25.08.22
BSAC report on HELCOM Baltic Stakeholder Conference: Climate Change in the Baltic Sea. 26-27.09.22
BSAC report on PECH Committee meeting 10.10.2022

BSAC report on EFCA Advisory Board meeting 24.10.2022 
EFCA Advisory Board final report 24.10.2022

BSAC report on HELCOM FISH meeting 2-3.11.2022
BSAC report on Inter ACs meeting 17.11.2022
BSAC report on ICES special meeting with stakeholders 18.11.2022
BSAC report on the International MSP conference 22-23.11.2022
BSAC report on the Mini-Symposium organised by the MSE Project 23.11.2022 
BSAC report on the NSAC Climate Change and Fisheries Webinar 07.12.2022
BSAC report on WWF & OurFish workshop on Transition of the EU fleet towards low impact fisheries 08.12.2022
BSAC report on Inter-AC meeting of Secretariats and Chairs on Work Programme coordination 11.01.2023 
Meetings with ICES: 12-13.01.2023

BSAC Report on the HELCOM BLUES Final Project Conference 17.01.2023

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