EU Baltic Sea Strategy: SFR-BSAC Flagship Project on safety in the fisheries sector

The full title of this project is "To lay the groundwork to develop a plan to reduce the number of accidents in fisheries"

The project has been run under the EU's Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The Strategy has a set of so-called Priority Areas.  One of these is the Priority Area on Maritime Safety and Security: "PA Safe ".  Read more about this Priority Area here:

The final project report is here

Other relevant reports and documents from the project are being uploaded here:

The desk study report produced by the BSAC in 2012 

A report from the kick-off meeting held 25th February 2013

A note explaining the motivation for carrying out visits to the Baltic States and what to discuss 

Report from the final meeting of the project 25th March 2014

Joint report from Finland and Estonia

Report from Latvia

Report from Lithuania

Report from Germany

Report from Poland

Report from Denmark

Report from Kaliningrad

Report from Sweden

Baltic fleet statistics  

In English a report on the safety culture in the Danish fisheries sector