Invitation from the BSAC chair
Meetings took place at Bankhallen, Brunkhuvudet, Malmtorgsgatan 3, 111 51 Stockholm, thanks to the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Draft agenda for Executive Committee meeting (as sent 270417)
Draft agenda for the General Assembly meeting (as sent 080517)
The annexes were sent to the meeting participants
Article referred to at the foot of the ExCom agenda: Akustischer Schutz für Meeressäuger: Acoustic protection for marine mammals
Agreed summary of proceedings from the meetings
Final report from Executive Committee meeting
Final report from General Assembly meeting
Opening statement by Steve Karnicki, honorary chair BSAC
Speech bySara Colliander, Fisheries Director, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Presentation by Joakim Hjelm, Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Marine Research, SLU
Annual report by Reine J. Johansson, chair of BSAC
Participants ExCom
Participants General Assembly
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