This meeting took place at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council
Draft revised agenda  per 23.01.19
Final report from the meeting
Conclusions and recommendations from the Theme meeting on eastern cod
Letter from the BSAC to BALTFISH and DGMare and sending the conclusions
Reply from BALTFISH 
Participants' list final
A photo from Keith Brander taken towards the end of the meeting
Presentations made at the meeting
Speech by the Minister for Fisheries Eva Kjer Hansen (that she was unable to deliver)
Introduction by BSAC chair Esben Sverdrup-Jensen
Margit Eero, DTU Aqua: Eastern Baltic cod stock status and ecosystem conditions
Krzysztof Radtke, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute: Hydrological situation in the southern and eastern Baltic
Marie Storr-Paulsen, DTU Aqua: information from the newest survey
Keith Brander, DTU Aqua a new project on the eastern Baltic cod
Jane Behrens, DTU Aqua, the seal associated cod liver worm: contact BSAC Secretariat for this
Lotte Kindt-Larsen, DTU Aqua: the natural mortality of cod
Lennart Balk, Stockohlm University: Thimine, thiamine deficiency and the impact on cod