This meeting took place at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council
Draft revised agenda  per 23.01.19
Participants' list final
A photo from Keith Brander taken towards the end of the meeting
Presentations made at the meeting
Introduction by BSAC chair Esben Sverdrup-Jensen
Margit Eero, DTU Aqua: Eastern Baltic cod stock status and ecosystem conditions
Krzysztof Radtke, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute: Hydrological situation in the southern and eastern Baltic
Marie Storr-Paulsen, DTU Aqua: information from the newest survey
Keith Brander, DTU Aqua a new project on the eastern Baltic cod
Jane Behrens, DTU Aqua, the seal associated cod liver worm: contact BSAC Secretariat for this
Lotte Kindt-Larsen, DTU Aqua: the natural mortality of cod
Lennart Balk, Stockohlm University: Thimine, thiamine deficiency and the impact on cod