This HELCOM, BALTFISH and BSAC meeting is to:
1.  Inform of and discuss those actions from the adopted HELCOM BSAP that are relevant to fisheries and fisheries management
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This meeting dealt with: 
HELCOM actions from its updated Baltic Sea Action Plan 
To talk about eel in the light of the request from DG Mare for input.
Presentations made at meeting:
On the HELCOM BSAP Click 
The HELCOM actions for the HELCOM FISH meeting 23-24.2.22  Click 
HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan updated Click 
HELCOM report from its FISH Group 23-24 Feb 2022 Click 

The letter from DG Mare to ACs on eel Click 
Recent BSAC statement on eel sent to DG Mare and Member States here Click 
The reply from DG Mare to the BSAC Click 
The ICES advice for eel here: Click 
ICES report from Workshop on the future of eel advice WKFEA (dated 2021) Click 
Eel Regulation from 2007 1110/2007 Click 
Evaluation of the Eel Regulation Click 
Letter from the BSAC Chair to the BALTFISH Presidency about eel, BSAP and ExCom Click 

Here is the literature shared during and after the meeting: 
On push net fishing Briand et al Click 
Push net fisheries Simon et al Click 
A memo on the EU eel regulation from DTU Aqua Click 
Conservation restocking Rohtla et al Click 
Brexit and the European eel Stein & Bunt Click 
Conservation news (on Brexit) Stein et al Click 

COM Delegated Regulation 2022/303 on measures to reduce incidental catches of harbour porpose Click