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Supported projects

When relevant to further the understanding of the Baltic ecosystem, the BSAC formally supports research projects by advertising for their results and incentivising members to contribute to it. Regular reports of external meetings are provided to the membership.


The BSAC counts a great number of partners from the political institutions, the national and international research institutes, regional sea convention, the fisheries control agency, and many others.

Links to organisations that the BSAC engages with may be accessed below:

The other Advisory Councils

Long Distance Advisory Council
Mediterranean Advisory Council
North Sea Advisory Council
North Western Waters Advisory Council
Pelagic Advisory Council
South Western Waters Advisory Council
Market Advisory Council
Aquaculture Advisory Council
Outermost Regions Advisory Council
Black Sea Advisory Council

EU institutions and agencies

DG Mare
European Fisheries Control Agency
DG Environment
European Parliament Fisheries Committee 
European Council


STECF (Scientific Technical and Economic Committee)


The Clean Nordic Oceans website
Council of the Baltic Sea States
European Association of Fisheries Economists
European Association of Fish Producers Organisations

National Fisheries administrations

Denmark: The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries 
Denmark: The Fisheries information in Danish 
Estonia: Ministry of the Environment
Finland: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Germany: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Latvia: Ministry of Agriculture
Lithuania: Ministry of Agriculture
Poland: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Sweden: Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Sweden: Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Research Institutes

National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) Denmark
Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Poland 
Johan Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Germany 
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Simrishamn Maritime Centre, Sweden

Health and Safety

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