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During the more than 17 years the organisation has been active, the recommendations produced have covered a wide range of topics. The BSAC has advised on fishing quotas, marine spatial planning, technical measures but also on recreational fishing or offshore windfarms. These have sometimes taken the form of letters with compromise positions or divided answers to targeted questionnaires. However, these recommendations are always the product of members’ input whether it is by writing or during meetings.

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BSAC reply to questionnaire COM report on the Multiannual Plan for the Baltic Sea (MAP)

The BSAC provided input on various aspects of the MAP evaluation. The replies to and results of the survey will be used to inform the Commission’s implementation report.

03/04/24 2024-02-07 Letter to BaltFish and BSAC on 2nd Baltic MAP report BSAC answer COM quest MAP report2024-2025-1

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