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Welcome to the homepage of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC)!


The BSAC was created in 2006. Its main function is to advise the European Commission and Member States on matters relating to management of the fisheries in the Baltic Sea. It covers the areas in the map. 

The so-called Basic Regulation 1380 (2013) laying down rules and provisions for the Common Fisheries Policy was adopted at the end of 2013. It describes the role and function of the Advisory Councils in Articles 44 and 45 and in Annex III.

Please consult the Commission website for more information on the Advisory Councils

The Baltic Sea Advisory Council is supported by the EU and the Baltic Member States


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Council Regulation 2021/1888 fixing for 2022 the fishing opportunities in the Baltic Click 

Baltic calendar for 2022 Click 

The BSAC's personal data policy

ICES ecosystem overview for the Baltic (last updated 9.12.21)
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ICES fisheries overview for the Baltic (last updated 30.11.21)
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BSAC statement on projects
The BSAC supports research and projects that further the understanding of the Baltic ecosystem. It is not in a position to participate in or provide support to every project application. Proposals received will be considered and filtered by the BSAC Management Team and a final decision will be taken by the Executive Committee. The BSAC will not accept short deadlines.