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The Baltic Sea Advisory Council

Welcome to the homepage of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC)!

The BSAC was created in 2006. Its main function is to advise the European Commission and Member States on matters relating to management of the fisheries in the Baltic Sea.

The so-called Basic Regulation 1380 (2013) laying down rules and provisions for the Common Fisheries Policy was adopted at the end of 2013. It describes the role and function of the Advisory Councils in Articles 44 and 45 and in Annex III.

Once they are all up and running, there will be 11 Advisory Councils. See the map of the already established ACs


Latest news to member organisations 10th August 2016 Klick on this
The BSAC has submitted its recommendations for the fishery in the Baltic Sea for 2017. Klick on this
ICES advice for Baltic stocks advice 2016
The next BALTFISH Forum meeting is on 30th August 2016 in Frankfurt - under the German BALTFISH Presidency
EU-(1).gifThe Baltic Sea Advisory Council is supported by the EU and the Baltic Member States